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Tell me what you've been through and what you are looking for and why you think you haven't found it yet. I am here to share my experiences and cheer you on to find happiness in companionship.

In Person or Virtual

$ 125 per hour in-person coaching sessions.

Zoom or telephone hourly rate $90 per hour
or $50 per 30 minute session.

Ready to try dating online?

Online profile set-up starter package: $ 300


  • Initial meeting either over zoom or in person. This is where I learn about you and everything that makes you unique and desirable.
  • After our meeting I will spend some time drafting your profile bio. I like to call this creating your personal brochure. We will communicate during this step so I can get your feedback to help refine your write- up until you are completely satisfied and excited to share.
  • Next would be our follow-up meeting (online or . This is when we get ready to "go live" with your profile. We will finally be able to upload all the content we've been working on which includes your photos, your bio, and we set your filters for finding your ideal mate. Once everything is off and running its time to see who's online. This is the exciting part. I help you come up with something to say to start a conversation.

The process looks like this:

1st meeting

I want to know everything about you! My job is to market you the best way possible (it's hard to brag about yourself so let me do that for you). In order to do that I will ask lots of questions, to find out what you are, who you are and what you are looking for in an ideal match.

I will also share all the tips and tricks and what to expect of online dating. We will debunk myths and come up with a strategy.

Online profile set-up and development

Online profile set-up and development (usually within 3 days after initial meeting) - I will write up your entire page explaining who you are and what you are looking for based on everything we talked about in our first meeting. I'm really good at filling in those questions that can be hard to answer, but important to make a great first impression. I will also be suggesting photos or requesting certain photos that will make your profile stand out. Think of this as me developing a brochure that markets YOU!