All communication is personal, confidential, and discrete.

My goal is to remove
false obstacles
that you might be
creating unknowingly
that are getting in your way.

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Let's Talk About Your Love Life

Consult an experienced dating coach in Buffalo, NY

Do you find yourself only on first or second dates; never a third date or long-term commitment? Maybe it's time to change your approach to dating.

Miss Date Doctor, based in Buffalo, NY, is a specialized dating coach for the online dating world. From in-person matchmaking services to online dating profile editing services, I'll help you find and connect with someone who might be yours forever.

Discrete and confidential client relationship

Ditch the hook-up culture and find commitment with help from Miss Date Doctor. We offer personalized matchmaking services where we'll work together to...

Get to know each other and your dating history
It's hard to talk to someone you hardly know, so we'll build a relationship on trust and respect. I'll listen to your story, help to give you a new perspective and strategize a plan that will make dating more fun and successful.

Develop your personal and dating confidence
To date successfully, you need to know what you want and need in a relationship. I'll take the time to get to know you, boost your confidence and remove false obstacles that you might be creating for yourself.

Prepare you with a new dating strategy
Together, we'll build up your online profile and change your approach to dating. By putting your true self out there, you'll be able to attract more people you can truly find a connection with.

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