Miss Date Doctor!

I am an advertising professional, single mom of an 9 year old boy, living in downtown Buffalo. I've been through divorce, make-ups, break-ups, you name it!

Dating, sex and relationships are my favorite topics to discuss with my close friends. My passion for bringing out the best in people has motivated me to offer these services to those who need it. And let's face it - we all do.

There is little I haven't seen or done so no topic is taboo. Your stories are safe with me! I want to be that friend you can say anything too without judgement. And I expect the same in return when I share my experiences with you.

My journey began January 2018 when I became the official dating and relationship columnist for The Buffalo News' Buffalo Magazine and Buffalo.com . My goal has always been to bridge the gap between Mars and Venus. Check out the link to my columns to learn more about me and my philosophies to see if we are a good fit to work together on your goals.