I do have a history of setting people up, but I don't want to position myself as a traditional matchmaker in Buffalo.

I'd prefer two people to come together and start dating based on natural chemistry or a mutual attraction. The biggest pool for that is online. I have also found online dating to be extremely efficient. There are however many tips and tricks that I am happy to share that will seriously shorten your learning curve and improve your success.

Once we meet and look at your profile we will then dive into your strategy. I predict within weeks you are meeting someone you are truly excited about.

Similarly if we are out meeting together, we will go to an active scene where we are mingling among the singles, again increasing your exposure to Mr. or Miss Perfect.

Just as easy, imagine saying hello to friends and acquaintances while we are meeting over coffee at Spot. What an easy way to meet someone new!

Am I a traditional matchmaker ? No. Will you meet and start actively dating people once we start working together and you are ready, absolutely.