Dating Consultant

Buffalo NY

I love hearing and sharing dating experiences. I have had my own dating highs and lows that I openly draw from when I'm chatting with friends.

I have an uncanny ability to understand a romantic situation from a point of view that the person involved never considered.

Luckily my success rate in dating is pretty high. The key to my success is I think like a man, but act like a woman.

I want to listen to your story, strategize a plan and give you some perspective.

My goal is to remove false obstacles that you might be creating unknowingly that are getting in your way.

I want to help you understand what the opposite sex (male or female) is thinking.

And most importantly develop your personal confidence and understand your value best to the opposite sex.

What you can expect from me is open and honest dialogue based on mutual trust and respect.

Discrete and confidential client relationship.

Always supporting, encouraging, and sharing tips to lead you to the best results in your personal relationships in a no judging lets have fun with it attitude.