Your Questions, Answered

Online Dating FAQ's

Will people see me on the site?

It's up to you! There are some memberships that can keep you incognito while online dating. Call me, to talk about the benefits of both and see what works best for you.

I am not officially divorced. Is it still appropriate to date online?

YES!!! Divorce can be a long and expensive process and let's face it , it doesn't always happen quickly for good reason. If you tried mediation you know especially how long it can take! But, if you are no longer living together and there is a schedule for kids and a financial arrangement set-up you are free to date! You'll be surprised to see how many people are in your boat.

Your Questions, Answered

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How soon will I meet with someone?

Fast track - Within hours you have the potential to connect and message with someone like minded, a date within a few weeks and a relationship within 3 months is doable. The rate of that actually happening is directly related to how engaged and open you are to the process. The good news is you can pace yourself and go at your own speed. This is your online world of possibility.